Groundbreaking of SEW-EURODRIVE Factory


Good morning and a warm welcome to all our valued guests.

I would like to record our warmest gratitude to Dato’ Azman Mahmud for officiating this meaningful ground-breaking ceremony today.

Frontier is a project that is the culmination of our group’s 40 years’ experience as a builder. Our mission has always been to be a reliable problem-solver in construction and we are happy to have contributed to the development of Johor.

We are glad that local and foreign investors have shown their full support for our “Gated, Guarded and Green” concept. We even won the endorsement of the Menteri Besar of Johor when he launched Frontier 2 in 2014 and declared that Frontier Industrial Park is the new benchmark for industrial development in Johor. Less than two years later, it is with great pride and joy to finally open our doors for business.

Frontier 2 is truly special because we have made our factory remarkably modern looking yet user-friendly and cost-effective. It is really built closely to what today’s operators want.

It does not stop at just the factory itself. When we first launched the project in 2014, we have set high goals for ourselves because we wanted to challenge the limits.

When we said we wanted a highly secured area, we meant it. To ensure that we covered all grounds, we have partnered with Samsung to bring in a cutting-edge surveillance system that help monitors the activities within the park. You will see along the way, CCTV cameras at all corners, in all common areas and along our perimeter fencing. We have even installed anti-climb perimeter fencing to deter intruders. This is besides the security patrols that will help safeguard the park.

When we said we wanted to bring in high-speed broadband, we meant it. To this end, we have partnered with REDtone International Bhd to provide fibre-optic broadband. What’s different is that our base station is also fitted with a wireless backup in case of fibre-optic failure. Now you will have a high-end broadband as standard for all factories in Frontier. I am happy to note that Frontier will even host the fastest broadband speed in this industrial hub.

When we said we wanted to build a community space, we meant it. We went in search for designs for our central park that will best suit industries. Our guideline is to provide flexible spaces, such as this plaza where we are on, that could hold events in a pleasant environment. Another feature is this amphitheatre on your right that can seat more than 500 people, and beyond that is a multi-purpose court. It even sports an outdoor gym, pavilions and jogging track: all these within a 2-acre central park.

Germany is among the largest source of foreign investments for the country, with 404 manufacturing projects implemented totalling RM29 billion. German companies not only continue to invest in Malaysia, but more importantly, invest in quality projects, incorporating the latest technology and in high value added activities. Such investments are also in line with the Government’s promotional efforts to attract investments into these areas.

The sustained inflows of German investments into Malaysia are a reflection of the country’s continued competitiveness for businesses. The very fact that these companies continue to invest in Malaysia, even during such challenging times to the global economy, is indeed even more noteworthy.

In the first quarter of this year, MIDA has approved an additional of 170 projects, amounting to RM8.9 billion. Johor continued to be among the leading states, with investments amounting to RM1.2 billion from 37 manufacturing projects. The investments approved for the state of Johor was contributed mainly by chemical & chemical products, food manufacturing, basic metal products, machinery & equipment, and wood & wood products.

Dato’ Azman Mahmud also mentioned that he is confident that this Drive Technology Center will operate successfully in the competitive business environment prevailing in the country. He would like to encourage other foreign companies to emulate SEW and step-up their business operations in Malaysia.

At the same time, he expressed his gratitude for the trust and confidence in Malaysia’s capabilities. He also stated that MIDA will continue to be your partner and work closely with the state government and other agencies in ensuring that you get all the assistance you need.

When our dormitory is completed next year, it will house up to 2,000 workers and Frontier operators will not have to worry about where to house their workers.

You will see for yourself that this park is not like any other because we have set high aspirations and we are determined to make it happen. By combining the best practices all in 1 place, we have created a home for industries to thrive.

We believe that Frontier Industrial Park has lived up to be a benchmark for industrial parks.

The product can only take us so far, what truly differentiates us is our service. As witnessed by SEW Eurodrive, our all-rounded expertise in engineering allows us to provide a professional build-to-suit service.

What is special about build-to-suit is that you can have full control over your factory design and you will be more assured of a better fit for your operations.

Adding to that, with our experienced project team, operators can focus on their core business while leaving the time-consuming tasks associated with the design, construction and approvals to us.

It is indeed a huge privilege to be able to play a part in SEW Eurodrive’s successful heritage. We are glad that the newly-designed factory has met their stringent requirements and will be their biggest in Malaysia.

We congratulate SEW Eurodrive on their foresight as one of the early pioneers. We are honoured to have Mr. Andreas Appel from SEW-Eurodrive here today to share with us, details of their factory expansion and about their new facility in Frontier 2.

We record our deep appreciation to Mr Appel and his team for selecting WB Land for this factory project.

Before I sign off, I would like to thank MIDA for their proactive support and meticulous attention in promoting investments in Desa Cemerlang and Johor.

I would also like to thank our dear customers for being here today. You are indeed the cornerstone of Johor’s growth.

Ladies and gentlemen, It is our great honour to host leading business people and stakeholders as you have all been instrumental in making Johor successful.

Finally, I would like to declare that Frontier 2 is now open for business. Thank you.